5V Adjustable Ecig Clear Blue V2



  • Atomizer button is also a voltage adjuster knob.
  • Adjustable output from 3V to 5.5V through high efficiency Texas Instruments PTR08060w chip
  • Rechargeable through jack
  • LED voltmeter built in.
  • Main power switch for carrying in your pocket safely. Also allows you switch the voltmeter to read either the atomizer or the batteries.
  • Grip tape on bottom and side for extra grip
  • UltraFire protected 900mah Li-Ion batteries

This is essentially the same as the previous ecig I made. The big change is that I built the voltage adjuster potentiometer into the button. To change the voltage down just turn the button left, and turn it right to turn it up. I also made the case glossy instead of the matte finish they came with.

Build Pics


I thought the plastic would look great polished. So I first sanded the case with 1000 grit wet sandpaper. Then used two different grades of polish with some soft towels. Didn’t take too long on such a small project. It looks great!

Rather than two knobs sticking out, I decided to build the potentiometer into the button. The tact switch I was using didn’t rotate so it could work. So first I hollowed out the tact switch button cap. Then I filled it with epoxy putty. While it was still soft I pushed the thumbwheel pot into the button, pulled off excess putty from the edges, and let it harden. Then I had to make a button spacer for the button cap to reach the fire switch. It needed to be hollow for the potentiometer to move. For this I cut a piece of a clear Bic pen then sanded it to fit around the pot and it’s leads.

Besides that it was just the same as before with dremeling holes, wiring, superglue, epoxy, and done.

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