Fix a 360 Headset

If your 360 headset has stopped working this may be the fix you need. My brother had around 6 of these that I fixed this way.

The problem is a line break happens somewhere near the stress relief going into the case. This happens often on electronics, because designers make crappy stress relief cords that don’t work and the wires break inside the cable somewhere.

You need:

  • Soldering iron
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wire strippers
  • Utility knife


First take out the two screws holding the case together.

Cut the cord near the large bulge. The bulge is a ferrite ring, a filter for electronic noise. Often these are put in just in case, and aren’t really needed. I wasn’t sure if the line break happened there or further up, so I just cut it out. I haven’t had any issues without it.

Cut the cord off at the base. Now the line break should be removed.

Strip the rubber off the wires and pull them apart.

Stick the wire through the hole in the case.

Tie a knot in the cable to keep it from being pulled out. The wires are enamel coated, so either sand off the ends to expose wire, or use a lighter, or if you have a hot enough iron melt the enamel off. Then match the color of the wires from the cable to those on the board and solder them in place.

Screw the case together and try some trash talking.

If this worked for you, please leave a comment.

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