NES p0cket


This is a portable NES system built into a Game Boy case. Since it was one of my earlier builds, it is a bit rough in places.


  • Plays any NES cartridge.
  • Has 76 built in games you can play with no cartridge.
  • Has AV out, and a player 2 port located on back. It can be used on a TV and played just like a normal NES.
  • Adjustable brightness nob on back.
  • Power is supplied by 5 rechargeable AAA’s.
The NES used is a NOAC (nes on a chip) that I found out about from It has built games like Mario, Contra, Tetris, etc. To switch between the cartridge and the built-in games I installed a lever switch that when pushed closes one circuit while opening another. This was mounted next to the cartridge slot so whenever a game is inserted it will automatically switch over.
The battery door hinge on this GameBoy was broken so I replaced it with a magnet. Works really well.
The LCD is from a Hip Gear controller. I had to use 5 AAA’s to get enough voltage for the LCD’s backlight to work
  1. Huntja
    November 5, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    This is awesome could you include instructions?

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